Students will be given homework each night (but not every Friday). This page is to inform students on the assignments that they have to complete each night. I will TRY my best to update this page on a weekly basis. However, it is the students' responsibility to write down their homework assignment before they leave class. This page only serves as a backup in the event that a student forgets to write down the homework assignment or lose the paper or agenda where they write the assignments.

Your child may access the e-textbook by visiting www.pearsonsuccessnet.com. The students will need to enter their GTID number in the username box and their password is initpass1.

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Homework for the Week of April 30, 2018

Old Homework

Students are not excused from homework when this website has not been updated. Students are expected to make sure they have a copy of the homework sheet before leaving class at the beginning of the week. So, saying "I could not complete my homework because the website was not updated" will not excuse your child from doing his or her homework.